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The Bloody Chamber

I’ve just recently finished my Narrative project for uni – I chose to produce a series of illustrations for Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories – and thought I’d post the results here.

The first six illustrations are all for the title story, and were created with acrylic paint and oil pastels. The first image was created earlier than the others – it was an entry for a competition to illustrate this book for the Folio Society. (I did not win.)

For this competition we had to create three images, each for a different story, plus a rough binding design, so the last two images are for the other stories we were asked to illustrate: The Company of Wolves and Puss in Boots.

EDIT: Because a friend asked me on Facebook – yes, The Bloody Chamber is a retelling of Bluebeard. The Company of Wolves is a version of Red Riding Hood, and Puss in Boots is probably a bit obvious. 🙂