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The Return of the Exhaustion Boxes

So I’ve basically spent the last couple of days packing. And procrastinating when I should be packing.

Tonight is my last night in halls before I return to Penzance for the summer. I’m… excited and not, if that makes sense. I love Penzance and I’m looking forward to coming home, but also I really don’t want to leave all my friends in Bournemouth. (Except most of them are leaving too, so it’s not so bad.)

I’m supposed to leave tomorrow morning but I’m so very, very not packed yet. Hopefully we can get it all done as quick as possible and then I will be out of here – which feels really strange.

I’ll be in a proper house next year – really looking forward to this. I’ve enjoyed my time in halls, but there are a lot of things I certainly won’t miss. Like the kitchen. Oh God, our kitchen.

Oh well. It’s been a fun first year. Roll on summer holiday! Now I just have to find a job or a work placement or something…


Just a quick FYI.

This is my last week of uni before the Easter holidays, and this Saturday I’ll be heading back home for a couple of weeks to see friends and family. I’ll have internet access and I’ll try to post while I’m there, but I may or may not have access to a scanner, so it’ll probably be a couple of weeks before you see any more art dumps. Just a heads-up.