Fairies everywhere! Also RIP Acorn.

Went to the Fairy Ball at the Acorn theatre on Friday. Everyone dressed up in fairy costumes, except for the people who were dressed as pirates for some reason. It was pretty fun, though the harp player was a bit too mellow for the first act methinks. Fire eaters were cool, though, and the last band (The Dolmen) were a lot of fun.

It was great seeing everyone in such mad costumes, but I don’t think some people realise how annoying giant wings are. Seriously, guys, you’re at a dance. There are other people in the room. It is crowded.

Stop hitting me with your wings.

The Acorn Theatre is closing now – I think the Fairy Ball was something like the second-last thing to happen there. It’s pretty sad; a lot of great things have happened there over the years, but now they just don’t have enough funds to stay open. I’d been visiting the place since I was about four years old, first because my dad worked there, then to go to clubs and things, then for the plays being performed there. I’ve even performed there myself a few times. I didn’t really expect to see it close, though I suppose the writing was on the wall given the way the economy has gotten…

Wow. That was much more of a downer than I meant to end this on. Um…


  1. Sookie Stackhouse is a fairy.

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